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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Essential oils blended with Aromatherapy can help with numerous aliments, aches, and minor pain - see how Joy for your Jewel is using it below.

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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Many of us are still unsure as to what essential oils and aromatherapy are, which then poses such questions: Is it safe? What is it used for? Is there research to back up claims?

Let’s start out with each definition:

  • Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic and medical purposes.

  • Essential Oils are the aromatic substance of the plant.

Essential oils are obtained two ways: distillation and expression. Distillation is used primarily for whole plants (leaves, stems, and roots) using steam to extract the plants’ oils. Expression, also referred to as cold pressing, is a method of extraction without the use of external heat. Once the oils have been extracted from the plant, it is then used by an aroma therapist as a natural alternative to relieving certain aliments.

There are four different types of aromatherapy: stress management, clinical, beauty therapy, and environmental fragrances.

Phew! Now that that’s over… let’s get into stress management and beauty therapy aka aromatherapy and beauty treatments. Stress management and beauty therapy can go hand in hand; spritzing a sick persons room with a lemon hydrosol can help sanitized the space as well as uplift the spirit of the individual due to the lemons’ antiseptic and awakening qualities. This is how Joy for your Jewel fragrances were born – fusing the best of stress management and beauty therapy to bring you a line of handcrafted fragrances which smells amazing and is pleasing to the senses.

Roses Aren't Always Red

Best-seller, Roses Aren’t Always Red – made with 100% all-natural rose essential oil, is a sweet rosy scent with subtle Jasmine undertones! This scent is meant to be soft and private, mimicking the roses’ beauty. Roses are said to be a great anti-depressant, antiviral, and an aphrodisiac. Giving this fragrance as a gift can lift the spirit and get the mood flowing.

What can we say about Something Something? Well, it’s something alright! Something Something is sweet, juicy, and mouth watering with a touch of citrus. This fragrance is bright and attractive. Those who have had the pleasure of reviewing this fragrance have said it reminds them of pink lemonade!

Citrus Sunshine can be described as a light citrus scent with warm undertones due to the distinctive sooth and soft sandalwood. Citrus Sunshine is a mellow citrus scent which is meant to brighten your senses but also calm and ground you – making this scent great for citrus lovers.

Try one or give one as a gift! It’s a great and natural gift to give your loved ones!

Just because… little facts never hurt.

  • Many midwives and nurses alike have been known for using holistic practices. Using essential oils in order to treat illnesses as well as calm patient’s down.

  • Essential oils have been a major factor in patients diagnosed with depression. Lavender have been link to numerous mood enhancing products as well as in studies which shows lavender plays a key factor in relaxation.

  • Essential oils have been long used as a natural anxiety remedy which have been proven to help people relax.

  • Using essential oils with the intent of promoting mental well-being (similar to the placebo affect) may actually promote well-being. This is not to say, essential oils aren’t beneficial but in combination with an enthusiastic mindset there are remarkable benefits achieved.

  • Essential oils were medicinally used to treat ailments prior to the 1930’s when partnership of Rockefeller and Faben (pharmaceutical companies) limited the study and use of essential oil due to the economic financial advantage of the pharmaceutical industry.

So to answer the questions above, is it safe? Yes, essential oils have been used by our ancestors long before we were here. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t consult your physician and/or an aromatherapist – all substances should be used accordingly, and in moderation.

So, what is it used for? Essential oils are used for treating a wide variety of illness, wound healing, and mental wellness. Is there any research to back up claims? Plenty, Gattefosse – a french chemist – studied essential oils as well as put them into practice; Valnet – a physician – treated government officials with the use of essential oils. There are multiple studies conducted by physicians on essential oils and plants alike.

Overall, whether you’re using all-natural or modern westernized approaches, always do so responsibly.

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